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Hybrid Painting


My latest Hybrid Paintings involve a combination of Abstract, Gestural painting and AI digital collages (Prints, Glue, Tapes).
My earlier works (the 90s) were "About" Abstract Expressionism paintings,
As Abstract constructive painting. Like Franz Kline, with amorphic body lines, usually with Blue Phthalo colour as an Abstract line.

My recent Artworks incorporate digital technologies to create a new form of art.
I combine the Gestural painting process with digital tools to create a unique Hybrid art form.
In terms of references also to Gerhard Richter, My gestural abstract paintings may be influenced by Kline's expressive brushstrokes. At the same time, Richter's interest in photorealism inspired my use of digital technologies to create detailed and complex collages.

My use of AI prints and digital tools allows me to experiment with different images and textures, creating dynamic and visually engaging artworks that challenge the boundaries of traditional painting.

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